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SATURDAY (Sept 24)

Saturday Day Tix:  $25 GA / $35 Seated
  (Kids Under-16=Free GA)

Blue Oyster Cult
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Burnin' for You
More Cowbell (SNL skit)
"The Classic American Rock Band" (5PM)

Rising from Long Island and originally billed as the US answer to Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult became one of the most popular acts in the 70/80's, playing arenas worldwide while selling over 24M albums.

Their music acted as the bridge between hard rock and metal, with early staples "Cities on Flame with Rock & Roll", "Subhuman",  "Career of Evil" and more.

Their fame went into overdrive with 'Agents of Fortune,' featuring one of the most popular songs in rock history: "(Don't Fear) The Reaper."

The Oyster Boys became mainstays on early MTV with their followups "Burnin' for You," "Godzilla," and "Joan Crawford,"  which continue on today's radio.

The band has enjoyed second (or third?) lives with their hits in movies, commercials, Guitar Hero, and (of course) the SNL 'More Cowbell!' skit.
Johnny A. plays Lake George
Ignorance is Bliss
Two Wheel Horse

"The Guitarists' Guitarist" (3:30PM)

When you have Gibson naming a signature guitar line after you and you're asked to follow in the footsteps of Clapton, Page and Beck in the current edition of the Yardbirds, well: you must be doing something right.

Johnny A. is that kind of performer. For three decades, the Mass-based musician & bandleader has proven himself capable of generating heat at rooms of every sort.  When the lights go on, he’s just as adept at captivating serious students of the six-string with a virtuosity that has earned him international acclaim.

After stints as a studio ace and as musical director for Peter Wolf (J Geils Band), Johnny embarked on his solo career in 2000. Since then, he has released six albums as well as the live DVD masterpiece One November Night.
Super 400
"The 518's Premier Rock Band" (2PM)
"Channeling the glory of Brit-blues acts like Cream, Zep, Jeff Beck and Blind Faith, this loud and noisy power trio cranks it to 11 -- and we didn't mind it one bit.  Super 400 delivers a blast of thundering rock."

Now in their third decade, Super 400 has gained a loyal fanbase after years of touring the US and Europe.  Their latest release, Sweet Fist, was recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis with cover art by Klaus Voormann of the Beatles' 'Revolver' fame.

In 2006, the Troy NY mayor declared 'Super 400 Day', recognizing their achievements and the love and support their home town has shown them.

Let's Be Leonard plays Lake George festival
Web Site

"Upstate Jam Rock" (Noon)

Every Let's Be Leonard show promises something different, whether it's a high-energy jam with intricate interplay or a rendition of "Show and Tell", you'll surely be on your toes wondering what happens next. Expect intricate songwriting sprinkled with dashes of jazz, reggae, funk, and good old rock n' roll.

The band currently travels the northeast (in their psychedlic bus), playing college towns and bigger cities.  They released their debut album "cow." to 600 fans at the Putnam Den in their hometown. They followed that up this year with a live album, done in that same venue.

Continuing our tradition of showing local love, Let's Be Leoanrd will open the fest on our big stage.  Get there early. 

Doctor Magnum in Lake Ggeorge
"Jazzy Rock-Hop" (Side-Stage First 1/2)

By ocmbining elements of hip-hop and jazz, Doctor Magnum eschews the directionless noodling often associated with improvised guitar music in favor of engaged interaction. Self-described as "the mess left behind after a drunken Craigslist orgy between Led Zeppelin, the Jazz Messengers, and the Wu-Tang Clan," their intricate arranging, blistering improvisations, and progressive sonic palate define a strikingly original brand of instrumental music.

 All About Jazz wrote that Doctor Magnum’s “instrumentation is classic rock 'n' roll,” but they “[want to be] a hip hop infused band whose members listen to each other the way the classic Bill Evans trio did.” 

"Acoustic Jamgrass"
(Side-Stage Second Half)

Old-timey Americana / bluegrass / roots music performed in an acoustic format by a friendly bunch that stays true to a gypsy spirit of offering their music to the public.

That's how we met them: on the sidewalks off a popular east coast tourist town, where they were entertaining passers-by with their bouncy renditions of old Applachian and gypsy-jazz songs, mixed with doses of the Dead and other new(er) purveyors of those legacy genres.

Ramblers Home will play on our Side Stage -- and might even perform while  wandering the festival grounds!

SUNDAY  (Sept 25)

Sunday Day Tix:  $10 GA / $15 Seated
(Kids Under-16=Free GA and Free Seats!)

"Blues-Folk-Americana Rock" (3:30PM)

A decade-plus of 200 shows annually has gained Ryan Montbleau not only a fiercely loyal fan base but also the prestigious Boston Music Award and a nomination at the MTV Music Awards for Best Concert experience.

Ryan enters a new chapter with release of Growing Light. The 10-song set is bold and barrier breaking, organically blending rock, funk, soul, folk and psychedelia to create a sonic kaleidoscope where tunes like the percolating first single “Pacing Like Prince” and the cinematic title track co-exist in refracted bliss.  The release
  is a “perfect storm” recording. The album pairs Montbleau’s most artfully crafted and sincere lyrics with vocal performances of exceptional grace and heart.

His music is eclectic yet approachable.  His live shows are groove-filled parties with meaning and a communal spirit.

Barika in Lake Geroge NY
Angatta      There For You
From the Ashes
Web Site
"Hipster-Funk Meets West Africa""(2PM)

The Reviews:

Led by their grooves, Barika is wholly rhythmic, captivating audiences with the beautiful, hypnotic way in which they interweave melody and groove to create something that is not only danceable, but incredibly interesting. Barika creates a soundscape of funk soaked in psychedelic, West African resonance."
(Performer Magazine)

"Captivating polyrhythmic soundscapes that meld the sound of Mali with fine Western jazz-funk-Afrobeat compositions" (WRUV-FM)

"Sparkling & adventuresomely close to a truly remarkable record" (Seven Days)

Gratefully Yours in Lake George
"The All-Star Grateful Dead Tribute" (5PM)

Gratefully Yours: a revolving cast of some of the northeast's finest players:

Alex Mazur (The Deadbeats) Keyboards / Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio Band) Drums / Zach Nugent (Cats Under The Stars) Guitar / Bill Carbone (Max Creek) Drums / Jeff Martinson (Shakedown) Guitar / Vinnie Amico (moe.) Drums  /  Adam Czolowski (Sonic Garden) Guitar /
Tom Pirozzi (Ominous Seapods) Bass / Rob Schiff (Nailed Shutt) Guitar / Steve Dee (Skeleton Keys) Drums ... and others.

Playing selected sets form the Dead's historical archives
Tigerman WHOA in Lake George
Old Plank Road (video)
"Backwoods Hillbilly Punk" (Noon)

Tigerman WOAH describes themselves as
 "Northshore livin', brown liquor drinkin', woah-singin' and no good-rotten"

Improper Bostonian deemed them as 'Best Band in Boston'

Their sound? "Think Tom Waits on speed as lead singer, backed by a trio of Appalchian rednecks that are most likely on the run from the law and earning drininking money
 one road gig at a pop"

Now this should be interesting....

Sly Fox and the Hustlers to hit Lake George
"Heavy Blues / Swampy Grooves"  (Side-Stage 2nd Half)))

"Best Blues Rock Band" @ 2014 & 2015 (Metroland)

NY's Sly Fox and the Hustlers are an original 4-piece bluesy rock n' roll band with hints of soul, funk and a dash of punk. 

"... a high energy show with songs sung with an emotional delivery from the heart of their originator, along with some interpretive cover versions of past and present great rock n' roll songs that keep the crowd dancing, singing and drinking all night long!


"Dead-Inspired Worldbeat" (Side-Stage 1st Half)

UBUNTU music is based on the African idea of the connection between all things. "I am who I am because of who we all are" is the understanding that wherever we are, we are in it together. The vibrational energy from this band comes from acoustic guitars, various world drums and human voice. Creative and often changing arrangements of a diverse array of wonderfully written classic rock, folk and blues highlight the set list. Imagine Dead tunes churning to rhythms performed on djembes, cajon and a kpanlogo.